Friday, January 31, 2020

Drug Use in Sports Essay Example for Free

Drug Use in Sports Essay In the article William Moller blames discusses Alex Rodriguez and other athlete’s performance enhancing drug use. He compared the harsh pressure that is forced upon athletes to his own experience in high school that led him to try illegal substances. He stated â€Å"I did what I felt was needed to do, to accomplish what was demanded of me† (Moller 547). Moller later goes on to ultimately place blame on the fans by placing Rodriguez and other athletes on a pedestal, and viewing them in a god like manner by saying â€Å"What it really comes down to is that the reason Alex did steroids is you and me†(Moller 547). The writer argues that Rodriguez just wanted success wherever he went he wanted â€Å"To erase the memories of Mantle and DiMaggio and Berra† (Moller 548. ) Moller also discussed how we shouldn’t hate players who have gotten caught because the majority of the best athletes in baseball are users. â€Å"He’s just one of the gang† (Moller 551) Moller says about athletes who have gotten caught using steroids. Moller states â€Å"This game is all about getting an edge† (Moller 549) whether you’re taking illegal substances or your corking your bat everyone is trying to get the edge on their opponent. The author did not bring any outside sources or naysayers in his article that may have provided objections to his views. His article may have been more persuasive if he had maybe speculated on the negative side effects of steroid use as he did earlier in the article about his Ritalin use.

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